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Paper Cutting Knives & Accessories
For All Machines

DHP Mfg. Offers a full line of paper cutting Knives for most paper cutter manufacturers and sold in the United States. Click Below for Pricing.
Choose Different Materials for Different Applications
High-Carbon Steel
By use of a modern forging process, a hardened inlay is bonded to a soft back. Special heat-treating furnaces ensure a good microstructure and a good balance between  hardened and toughness. These cutting Knives are very stable and are not  as subject to serve edge and face bow.
High - Speed Steel
Our most popular High-Speed Steel inlaid cutting knife. An 18% Tungsten High-Speed Steel inlay provides a cutting edge that is more abrasion resistant than standard steel paper cutting Knives. Expect 3-5 times longer life than standard  cutting Knives.
Tungsten Carbide  Cutting Knives
Our Tungsten Carbide cutting Knives combine super harshness with high wear resistance. When used in the correct application, these  cutting Knives will out perform standard steel  cutting Knives up to 25 times.



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