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All DHP Paper Drills are precision made of the finest quality tool steel.


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About Drills

Make your paper drills work harder and last longer 
  • Titanium #35 

    This coating increases paper drill life up to 400%. Some users even report that they are self-sharpening. This is caused by the abrasiveness of certain papers that will wear out the inner core of the paper drill faster than the outer, diamond-hard skin, creating a self-sharpening razor edge. We recommend this paper drill coating for most normal to difficult paper drilling applications. It is especially useful for drilling through plastics.

  • Teflon

    Provides lubricity to the inside and outside of your paper drills. The Teflon reduces friction to increase the wear life of the cutting edge. This is a very good coating for keeping slugs from building up and breaking the paper drills since slugs flow smoothly without binding. Recommended for most normal paper drilling applications.

  • Duralon - a NEW coating breakthrough!

    A special process that merges space-age alloys with Teflon and breaks the barrier of lasting lubricity. This maintains a `super tough' Teflon coating throughout the life of the paper drill regardless of the stock. Superior for paper drilling varnish, enamel, aqueous or plastic coated stocks. This coating will not wear off even after months of use.


For Maximum Performance of your paper drills... 

1. Seat paper drills up past the drive pin and against the shoulder. Keep the inside of the spindle clean with a small toothbrush and solvent, paying particular attention to the drive pin.

2. Most paper drill breakage is caused by operating dull and/or unseated paper drills which will ram into the wood block. Be sure to remove slugs and sharpen paper drills after every shift change.

3. Keep paper drills sharp and clean. Heavy duty carbide sharpening reamer available - designed to produce a razor sharp serrated edge.


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