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ISP & Deluxe Stitcher
Deluxe StitchMaster Industrial MiniStitcher ISP BinderyMate
SMA-2125   IMSA-2125   BinderyMate  


Single Deluxe Stitcher
Click to view enlarged image(M2) Click to view enlarged image(M7) Click to view enlarged image(M19)
Deluxe Stitcher Model M2 Deluxe Stitcher ModelM7 Deluxe Stitcher Model M19
M2-AST   M7-AST   M19-AST  
S3A.jpg S3A.jpg
ISP Stitcher Model A  ISP Model S3A 7/8" ISP Model S3A 1 1/8"
Model A   S3A 7/8   S3A-1 1/8  
Hohner Stitcher
Photo is not Available. Photo is not Available. Photo is not Available. Click to view enlarged image
 Hohner Economy 25/40 Hohner Exact Hohner Orion IV Hohner HSS 18
Multi Deluxe Stitcher
Deluxe Stitcher Model M17 Deluxe Stitcher Model M27 Deluxe Stitcher Model 18 AW
M17-AST   M27-AST   18-AW  

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